Saturday, September 15, 2012

She tricked me!

So my little Angel is a trickster! I had her on a wonderful schedule of eat-play-sleep. The sleep experts all agree that the best way to get your baby to sleep well is to feed her when she wakes up, not before she goes to bed. This was working out perfectly for us until she hit a growth spurt and wanted to eat before naps too. So, I switched to eat-play-eat-sleep. At this point she was nursing 10-12 times a day which is a lot for a 4 month old but, hey, my growing girl needs her boobie nums. Well, it turns out she tricked me. A few days after we got on this schedule she started turning down the breast after her naps. She continued to chow down before naps though. Looks like she got her way because she is know solidly on a play-eat-sleep schedule which is NOT what I wanted. Oh well, I have a feeling this is the first of many times my strong willed little girl is going to get her way.

And, for fun, a nursing pic of my lil darlin'

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