Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bottles, Binkies and More

We have all been told not to offer a bottle or pacifier during the first month of a breastfeeding baby's life. The rationale behind this is to avoid nipple confusion. This does make sense but in all of my discussions about breastfeeding, I have never come across someone who had a problem with this. Of course I know lots of moms whose babies wouldn't latch from the beginning and I know plenty of little ones who refuse to take a bottle. But I know lots of people who broke the one month rule and none of them had any negative repercussions. After I delivered Ange, a nurse told me something that made a lot of sense, though. She said that it's not so much nipple confusion, but that if a baby is attached to a pacifier all day and all night, he won't have enough energy or strength to suck on a nipple when it's time to eat. That made sense to me and that's why I decided to give Ange a binky when she needs it, but not to just pop it in her mouth any time it falls out. I also take it out once she falls asleep.

 If anyone has had any issues with nipple confusion, I'm interested to hear about it. Please post here or email me (

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