Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nursing, Hawaiian Style

In case you don't already know, my family and I live in Hawaii. My hubby is Hawaiian, born and raised (actually he was born in CA while his parents lived there for a couple years, but he moved here before his first birthday). I came here for grad school and after 3 days of Hawaiian living I called my mom to warn her that I was never coming home (home is Montreal, Canada). Here we are, 6 years later, and I'm loving life in Hawaii. Well, I don't love that the average house costs $700k or that you're lucky to get a gallon of milk for $6 on sale. Don't even get me started on gas and electricity prices. But, cost of living aside, Hawaii really is paradise. We just got home from a wonderful beach day with the kiddos and I figured I would share a couple pictures of me nursing Angelina on the beach. I love Hawaii for the weather and the beaches, but I also love how liberal minded everyone is. Nobody would ever judge or stare at me for nursing in public. I don't even own a nursing cover, I'm not too sure what I would need it for.

So, here ya go, this is me nursing my beautiful baby girl on the beach. I put her big brother's hat on her to keep the sun off of her delicate, 2 month old skin.

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  1. Nursing my daughter was one of my most favourite things ever... sad I ever had to stop *sigh*